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Jorgensen Construction Group, LLC (JCG Builders) has its origins from Jorgensen Construction Inc., a company started by Ruston Jorgensen's grandfather George Pine Jorgensen I. Pine Jorgensen was one of the pioneers of residential development and mass-produced houses in the mid-'60s and mid-'70s as he bought the land, developed, and built 3-400 homes a year in the Salt Lake and Sandy areas. George Jorgensen (Uncle) and Kim Jorgensen (Father) were a big part of the mass production during the company's success. Pine Jorgensen retired at 48 years old as patriarch and pioneer to home building in Utah. There is a great deal of pride within the Jorgensen family name as there are now four generations of successful Jorgensen general contractors to date.

Construction is a profession that can be noisy, dusty, and a long, drawn-out process if not managed correctly. JCG strives to make the process as enjoyable as possible. We take a great deal of pride in our approach and procedures to attain our client's highest level of gratitude in the experience throughout the job. We have a submittal process to solidify specifications and live samples and electronic packages to confirm their satisfaction with the building materials selected. We create daily construction schedules to ensure the client knows the job progress from start to finish. Our red-carpet approach with dust walls and daily cleaning provide a tidy and safe environment for all. We work with the client to perform noisy trades off-hours, and our attention to detail on finishes ensure our client has their wishes met. We formally publish highly detailed punch lists to confirm our projects are a level above other contractors to keep our clients coming back again.

Ruston has created a small business made up of construction teams that have worked side by side for 10-20 years to be able to work together to create top-shelf finished products in an efficient and timely manner with honest and fair pricing. JCG and company take great pride in being loyal to our customers as they are the reason we are in business.

JCG can provide a free or a low-cost value-engineered plan with a detailed scope of work to competitively bid on projects to ensure our client is getting the best pricing for the end product. Ruston's 25+ years of experience in the industry, fantastic construction team, and available software allow him to develop a line-item detailed breakdown on JCG bids that most commercial property management teams can attach as an exhibit to their lease. Other contractors will not spend the time providing this service without having the client pay $3,000-$20,000 in architectural fees. JCG can also offer this same service for residential owners as well.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is not only to construct sturdy, beautiful, and functional products for our clients, but to build long-lasting and trustworthy relationships. Most of our projects come from word-of-mouth recommendations, so it’s important that we do our jobs well. We also believe in only working with top quality materials in order to provide a truly excellent final product - every single time.


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365 east Georgia cir Salt Lake City Utah 84115


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